The Women Experiencing Faith Project

Sat Noon | Bridge

Janel Apps Ramsey

Come hear about the Women Experiencing Faith Project. “How has being a woman (or interacting with women) impacted/influenced my faith journey?” Hear excerpts of how an intersectional group of (primarily) Christian women have responded, and get early insights into the themes that will be in the book. The session will include time to reflect on your own journeys of faith, and hear about plans for the book and podcast. Throughout our time together we will also reflect on the way bias and discrimination have shaped our stories and discuss the ways we can transform these issues in our own faith communities. You can learn more about this project at

Janel Apps Ramsey

Janel Apps Ramsey is the Co-Director of Brew Theology (please come see us at our booth). She is the lead editor of Women Experiencing Faith with Dr. Thomas J. Oord, and holds an MA in Theological Studies. Raised in a conservative evangelical tradition, she now considers herself a progressive Christian. She leads interfaith discussions and participates in a weekly podcast. She also has a small house church of people in faith transition. Janel has served in ministry for 20 years and is learning how to do ministry outside of traditional structures. Janel is married, lives in Denver, CO, and loved participating in WGF last year. You can see more of her work at,, and

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