Screaming and Shouting Until We Are Heard: Subversive Liturgies In Action

Jessi Knippel

To Lament is a deeply subversive action, especially in a cultural context where the push is to move away or negate the process of lament, and live in an idealized construction of exceptional reality. Lament asks us to enter into deepest of heartaches and the spaces where things are not as they should be, it is the upside-down spaces where the s**t hits the fan and seems to desecrate everything. Through an interactive panel/audience conversation constructed in the form of a liturgical lament, we hope to offer space to talk about our current work (#churchtoo, religion, gender/sexuality, racism, and social justice) as well as help others explore ways to creatively engage lament as a catalyst for action in their own lives, work, and communities. The panel will include Emily Joy, Hannah Paasch, Tamisha Tyler, & Jessi Knippel

Jessica (Jessi) Knippel

academic, writer, artist originally from the Pacific Northwest who now lives in the promised land of Southern California with her partner. She is currently working on a intersectional (Religion, Gender & Sexuality, Media) PhD at Claremont Graduate School.

A muralist at heart she pieces together project, events, thoughts, and people in her work and non work life. You can find her popping in and out of social media on these platforms: Instagram- @seattlerainartist, Twitter- @jessiknippel

115 Screaming and Shouting: Subversive Liturgies

Tamisha Tyler

Tamisha A Tyler (she/her) is a Ph.D. student at Fuller Theological Seminary studying Theology and Culture with a minor in Ethics. She was born and raised in Long Beach, CA but currently resides in Pasadena. She works with several arts organizations and projects including Listen Los Angeles (a listening project featuring an all African American cast reflecting on the current state of the country through art), Level Ground (engaging empathy across difference) and ARC Art | Religion | Culture. She also co-hosts a podcast entitled Why Were Friends

115 Screaming and Shouting: Subversive Liturgies

Emily Joy Allison-Hearn

Emily Joy is a spoken word poet and yoga teacher RYT 200 whose work focuses on the intersections of faith and sexuality, spiritual deconstruction, and creative writing. Emily has released two studio albums of spoken word poetry, and travels the country performing at churches, schools, conferences, and festivals like Wild Goose. She also teaches yoga every week in her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. Her work as the co-creator of the #ChurchToo campaign exposing sexual abuse in faith communities has been featured on websites such as Time, Teen Vogue, The Huffington Post, and more. Emily is passionate about helping others, especially other women, make spiritual and creative progress in the wake of religious trauma, painful past experiences, and self-doubt.

115 Screaming and Shouting: Subversive Liturgies
126 Beyond #ChurchToo
133 Poetry Open Mic w Emily Joy
287 Embodied Grace: Sex-Positive Christianity
384 Emily Joy Allison-Hearn

Session #115