Life Compass Living: Stop surviving and start THRIVING!

Aline Defiglia LCSW, CSA

Fri 11 AM | Library

Life Compass Living begins with who you are, who your people are and where you want to be as your life unfolds. It helps you:• Take responsibility for your life choices• Get comfortable having crucial conversations with those you love• Actively share life with your core relationships and community• Become well informed about the complexities of maturing in a complex, modern lifestyle• Set and accomplish realistic goals for securing your future in relation to your current life stageLife Compass Living is for everyone! Come identify vulnerabilities and opportunities that need to be addressed in your life stage and leave with more resources on how to continue the process.

Aline Defiglia

Aline Defiglia

Aline Defiglia is a licensed psychotherapist adventuring at the intersection of health, healing, and the restoration of connection with self, others, and the sacred. Her practice specializes in mind and body healing modalities, life coaching, hypnotherapy, and team performance consulting. Aline is also a Certified Senior Advisor and serves as a foundational partner and facilitator with the Life Compass Living Community. She and her husband are currently in the process of moving from Chicago, IL to Chattanooga, TN. Discover more at

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