Introducing the Religiosity Uncertainty Principle: A Conduit for Ecumenical and Interfaith Connection

Fri Noon | Convo Hall 4
Sat 10 AM | Convo Hall 4

Larry C. Dickinson

This interactive session will explore the idea the God is so awesome beyond human understanding that God can be honestly understood differently by different humans. Examples of scripture will be presented to help make the case that we humans can’t fully see/know/understand God from our limited perspective. This religious “uncertainty” will be paralleled with the “Heisenberg Uncertainly Principle,” a well-known and famous principle in modern science (i.e. Quantum Mechanics/Physics). The resulting “Religiosity Uncertainty Principle” will be articulated in several ways with participation from the audience. The concluding discussion will examine 1) how this basic principle can be understood in fundamentally different ways, and 2) how those different understandings can be used to facilitate dialogue and connection across deeply differentiated Faith groups: religions (Christian, Muslim, etc.), denominations (conservative, progressive, etc.); and un-religions (Atheist, Spiritual, etc.)

Larry Dickinson

Larry Dickinson is an Entrepreneur, Engineer and Lay Leader based in western NC. He earned his PhD in Applied Science and has a career of 25+ years in Research & Development and commercialization of new advanced materials. He has experience from both large (e.g. NASA, Lockheed) and small organizations. Owning his own business for more than 10 years he now claims to have the worst boss he’s ever had; himself. He grew up in a small UCC church in rural NC and has been active in lay leadership in different congregations where he’s lived. He has facilitated numerous classes ranging from Bill Hybel’s Contagious Christian; to multiple courses out of the Living the Questions series. He has taken formal facilitator training for the Methodist Disciple series and has lead/co-lead four different 30+ week Disciple bible study classes. His ongoing Faith Journey began in a conservative congregation of a progressive Christian denomination (UCC) and is now exploring broader perspectives with an interest in Mysticism.

109 The Religiosity Uncertainty Principle

Session #109