Finding Beauty + your Greatest Worth in Budgeting

Fri 3 PM | Convo Hall 5
Sat 2 PM | Convo Hall 6

Nicole + Sam of Greatest Worth

This session provides an introduction to Nicole’s + Sam’s tested process of creating a budget that not only sticks, but also empowers you to live grounded in the truth of your deepest callings, dreams and values. By exploring the power of Awareness, Values and Integration, you will leave the session with a new understanding of how budgeting is a beautiful way to move toward deep transformation.

Nicole + Sam Rule

Nicole + Sam Rule believe that active, aware management of personal finances is a subversive and spiritual act. During their personal journey through the process of paying off $100,000 in debt, they learned that creating and living by a budget that aligns with their values is the key to sustainable resistance against the status quo of mindless consumerism. After years of guiding individuals and groups from their church community through their process, Nicole started Greatest as a platform to engage women in the wild and holy work of finding beauty in their personal finances.

107 Finding Beauty in Budgeting

Session #107